A Quick Tip for Snack-a-holics Like Me!

I wanted to share this super simple (super obvious) snack tip that saves money and helps prevent over-snacking! When you buy bagged snack foods like chips, pretzels, crackers, nuts, etc., portion out individual servings into reusable baggies or containers before you toss them in the pantry. I’ve found that when I snack, I can eat 4-5 servings without even realizing it. When I have individual serving baggies, I grab one and I’m good to go!

Some companies are onto me. They know I want a snack with a healthy serving size and a low calorie count, so they started making “100 Calorie Packs”. I decided to do a comparison to see if buying the packs instead of making them myself was actually worth it. I did my comparison with the Blue Diamond Natural Oven Roasted Almonds in dark chocolate, my current snack obsession.

A 30 ounce bag of almonds costs about $12 at my local Walmart. One serving of almonds is 160 calories (24 nuts), and there are 30 servings per bag. If I made my own 100 calorie packs, that would translate to 48 servings per bag at 25 cents per serving. The “100 Calorie Pack” of almonds sells for about $5 locally, and has seven 100-calorie serving bags. That comes out to 71 cents per serving. By bagging servings myself, I save 46 cents per serving. Yay savings!

What I love most about this healthy money-saving trick is that its so easy. Its one of those realistic habits I can commit to, and it really does make a difference in how I snack.

Do you have any healthy snacking tips? Please share!

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