Fall Fashion Love

As the title states, I love fall fashion! I think for me it’s a combination of simply adoring the season, and also being able to experiment with mix-matching and layering. The colder months have the potential to be dark and depressing. The days are shorter, we can’t be outdoors as frequently, and things steadily become more drab and colorless. I see fashion as an opportunity to “bloom” in the midst of all that. Adding a bright pop of color or a fun print to an outfit is an instant happy-booster!

One of my favorite combinations in decorating and in fashion is a neutral backdrop with colorful or patterned accents. In our house we have lots of wood, browns and creams, sprinkled with unexpected corals, yellows and blues. I like that feeling of renewal, almost like we’ve happened upon a run-down blank canvas and dotted it with colorful treasures.

This theme spills over into my closet. Neutral pieces are the foundation for most of my outfits, then I throw in a burst of color here or a splash of print there. This pencil skirt is not your typical fall color, but paired with some cream tights and brown leather oxfords, it fits right in!

Warm tights will be my go-to piece for the coming months. They make it possible to layer even more beautifully by keeping skirts, dresses and shorts in season all year long. If you’ve been skeptical about tights, give them a try this year and see how you feel. I used to be a die-hard jeans person in cold weather, but I realized my wardrobe had become a gradient of brown, gray and blue. There’s nothing wrong with that if it’s what you love! But if you have a craving for a bit more layering and texture, and you’ve been wanting to try something new, spring for some warm tights. You won’t regret it!

What’s your favorite thing about fall fashion?

Outfit Credits
Top: J.Crew – Blythe Blouse (Polkadot)
Skirt: J.Crew – No.2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton (Succulent Green)
Tights: HUE  – Opaque Tights (Ivory)
Shoes: Fossil – Tamiko Oxford
Earrings: JewelMint – Pave Glamour Hoops

10 responses

  1. Hello. My favorite thing about fall season is reading blogs about the fall season. I look forward to reading the rest of this site, which is (incidentally) the greatest and best webpage on the entire internet. I know; I’ve seen it.

  2. love your look! and your place looks like the sweetest place to be. I’m crazy about heeled oxfords and loafers for fall, and I love tights and trenches, too. And light knits!

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