Learning (and relearning) to Knit

It seems like every year, or maybe even every six months, I pick up a new hobby. I make something my new obsession, run out and buy everything I need, and then two weeks later all my new purchases go untouched. Take my knitting for example. Last year, a few girls from my small group at church taught me how to knit. Despite the fact that I had to unravel the same scarf like 47 times before I got it right, I loved making it!

But then after making a few scarves for Christmas gifts last year, those knitting needles went untouched…until last week.

My husband has asked a few times over the last six months, “Are you ever going to use those things (he meant my knitting needles) again?” I was determined to prove to him that in fact, I WOULD someday knit again. This would not be a hobby that I would easily give up. So last week, I picked up my ginormous knitting needles (US size 50) and got to work.

Except…oh wait. I had completely forgotten how to cast on! I tried about five times to cast on and for some reason it was just not working. And the girls who originally taught me have since moved away, so I couldn’t run over to their house for impromptu lessons like I had in the past. To the Internet I went. After watching about ten YouTube videos on knitting, I finally found one that I could easily follow as a beginner. I relearned how to cast on, do the knit stitch and bind off (everything you need to know to make a scarf) from this video. I admit it’s a little bit of a cheesy video, but I think it’s one of the more simple ones to follow, at least out of the videos I’ve seen. View the first video (slip knot, casting on) here. View the second video (knit stitch, binding off) here.

I like to use really chunky yarn and huge knitting needles to make a cozy, warm scarf. For this scarf, I used my US size 50 knitting needles and Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn.

Have you ever started a new hobby and then quickly forgotten about it? Why not dig out those supplies and and get started again? You’ll be glad you did!

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    • Thanks for sending along those sites! That’s super helpful! I’m working on some cowls and hopefully will try some other projects soon. What would you suggest should be my next knitting attempt/project for a beginner trying to move forward?

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