DIY Clamped Mason Jar Vase Centerpiece

So one day I was browsing through an interior decorating catalog when in the corner of my eye, I saw what I thought was a centerpiece composed of a row of glass bottles clamped together.  When I actually looked at it, it wasn’t at all what I thought it was, but I was so intrigued by the idea that I decided I had to make it myself.  Once I get something in my head like that, I turn into some sort of robot programmed to complete a mission.

I recruited hubby to go to Lowe’s with me to find all the pieces we’d need to create the imaginary centerpiece.  Because of my deep love for mason jars, we picked up a few of those (instead of bottles), and hunted down all the other pieces in about 15 minutes flat.  I have no idea how we found all that stuff so fast.  It was like I developed some sort of sixth-sense while I was in mission mode.

We got home, unloaded our components, and within 1 hour we had the centerpiece of my dreams sitting on our coffee table, ready to grace with flowers.  My favorite thing about this centerpiece is that it has such a rustic industrial feel, and adding some bright flowers or earthy herbs just brings it home.  I also love that you can bend it any way you want!

This centerpiece was so easy to make and only cost about 30 dollars (less if you already have some of this stuff in the house).  The only piece of equipment you might be missing is a vice.  We needed one to twist the mending braces connecting the jars.  If you don’t have a vice, you can try twisting them with a wrench.

The total cost of this project will also depend on how long you want your centerpiece to be.  Because we have a larger coffee table, I used 6 mason jars.

Clamped Mason Jar Vase Centerpiece Tutorial

17 count 1/4″-20 wing nuts
12 count 1/4″-20 x 1-1/2″ carriage bolts (long screws)
5 count 1/4″-20 x 3/4″ carriage bolts (short screws)
20 count 1/4″-20 nuts
12 count 2″ pipe clips (the thin kind that can bend more easily)
10 count 3″ x 5/8 mending braces (the thin kind that can bend more easily)
6 quart-sized mason jars

Note: I left my metal hardware bare because I liked the style, but you can paint/distress these pieces however you want depending on the look you’re going for! Have fun with it!

1.) First you’re going to assemble your 2 end jars.  Take 2 of your pipe clips and clamp them onto 1 jar.  Put one of your long screws through the holes on one end of the pipe clips, and secure it with a wing nut.  This will be your first “end”.

2.) On the other side of your end jar, you’re going to put a long screw through 1 of the pipe clip holes, then thread on 1 nut, then the end hole of 1 mending brace (the mending brace must be twisted as pictured below, either with a vice or a wrench), then sandwich that with another nut, then put the screw through the other pipe clip hole, and secure it with another wing nut.

3.) Now you can tighten your wing nuts so that the pipe clips are clamping the jar tightly.  The pipe clips will bend to fit the square-ish shape of your mason jar.

4.) Repeat steps 1-3 to complete the other end of your centerpiece.

5.) Once your 2 ends are complete, you’re going to repeat step 2 for both sides of the rest of your jars.

6.) Now you’re ready to connect your jars.  You’re going to overlap the free ends of your mending braces, and put a short screw through the 2 holes, securing the bottom with a wing nut.

7.) Once you’ve connected all your jars, make sure they’re loose enough that you can bend the centerpiece into the position you want.

8.) Now you’re ready for flowers!! Or any other pretty thing you want to decorate with.

To clean these, I just unscrew the short screws/wing nuts and rinse out each jar in the sink.  There’s no need to disassemble the entire thing or run the jars through the dishwasher.

I hope you enjoy putting this centerpiece together and making it your own!  If you end up trying this out, please share in the comments below!  What spin would you put on a centerpiece like this to fit your style?

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