Cookie Decorating for Kids

My sister makes the best sugar cookies. Seriously…the BEST. Maybe I’m biased because she’s my sister, but they’re amazing. Honestly, I don’t even really like sugar cookies – except hers. They’re perfectly sweet, never dried out (thanks to a little trick I’ll share in an upcoming post!) and decorated BEAUTIFULLY! These cookies are a work of culinary and visual art.

OK, those cookies pictured above were decorated by a five-year-old…not by my sister (decorating tutorials coming soon!).

Today, I really want to show you how my sister is cultivating cookie decorating skills in her daughter, Chloe – without the frosting mess that a kindergartener is sure to make.

Chloe uses Food Writer Edible Color Markers. While I haven’t looked at the ingredients of these markers, I’m sure they’re not exactly organic or all-natural…but they are fun! My sister bakes a few extra cookies for Chloe, mixes up this recipe of Royal Icing, and as soon as those blank cookie canvases are ready, Chloe goes to town. It’s a great way to add some variety to the typical coloring activities while teaching your kids a fun hobby like cookie decorating.

Have you done any fun, creative activities with your kids in the kitchen? We’d love to hear your kid-friendly ideas!

2 responses

  1. This is so cool! I had no idea something like this existed! I’ll definitely be looking for these for the holidays!

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