Fall Decorating: (Free) Mantel Makeover

A few weeks ago I spent some time helping my mom put out her fall décor. Growing up, my parents’ house always looked festive – not overdone, but cozy and inviting. In the fall, the house would be full of pumpkins, scarecrows and candles that smelled like freshly made Thanksgiving pies.

As part of my attempt to recreate the coziness of my parents’ house, I decided to give my fireplace mantel a little fall makeover. For this project, I had one goal: only use items I already have at home. I was determined not to spend ANY additional money on this project. Honestly, it was really hard! I mean, you can really do a lot to your mantel if you at least spend some money on garage sale items. But no, I knew I had too many odds and ends kicking around the house to allow myself to buy anything else.

I had a few decorations I had either purchased last year or been given as hand-me-downs, like the decorative iron piece at the center of my mantel and mason jar candle holders.

To add to the seasonal look, I downloaded some free fall printables I found over at My Blessed Life, printed them up and framed them. I also decided to print some letters to spell “fall” in four different fonts on colored paper I had in my card-making supply. Onto the mantel they went.

Success! A fall mantel makeover without any additional shopping! My house feels just a little more cozy this fall – like my parents’ house felt growing up. Now all I need to do is grab a cup of hot cider and snuggle up on my couch with the fire going!

Do you have any creative and inexpensive fall decor ideas? Please share!

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