Vote for our DIY Holiday Wreath over at BuzzFeed Shift & Enter Our Wreath Contest to Win a $50 Michaels Gift Card!

About a month ago we were asked to create a fresh DIY wreath tutorial for a Holiday Wreath post on BuzzFeed Shift.  We were SO excited and got right on it!  We tossed around a few ideas before we landed on the “Minimalist White Wreath” made out of paper plates, old t-shirts, tape and rubber bands.

We love this wreath for 3 reasons: 1.) It’s CHEAP! The only thing we needed to buy was a pack of heavy duty paper plates, which we usually have on hand anyway.  2.) It’s VERSATILE!  You can use any t-shirt color(s) you want and you can even add your own flare by pinning on other embellishments like paper flowers, string bows, etc.. sky’s the limit! 3.)  It’s QUICK. Including the time it takes to gather your materials, you can have this wreath hanging on the wall within an hour.  Does an adorable homemade piece of decor get any easier??

Hop over to BuzzFeed for our full tutorial!  If you vote for us at the bottom, we’ll love you forever. 🙂

We’re also throwing a little contest of our own into the mix! We’ll be giving away a $50 Michaels gift card!

Contest Rules
(you must complete 1 and 2 in order to enter!)

1.) Subscribe to our blog either via e-mail or WordPress.

2.) Complete our BuzzFeed tutorial and put your own spin on our Minimalist Wreath and take a picture of it!  Post a link to your image in the comments section and tell us what inspired your wreath style!

3.) If you have Twitter, in addition to your comment, follow us and tweet: ” I just created a wreath for the DIY T-Shirt Wreath Contest on Offbeat & Inspired! Check it out: @offbeatinspired “

This contest will run until the evening of Friday, November 9th, 2012 and we can only accept entries from within the continental United States.  We’ll pick our favorite wreath and announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter!  Be sure to follow us to be the first to find out who the winner is!

The DIY wreath contest has ended.  Congratulations to Elizabeth for winning a $50 gift card to Michael’s! Thanks so much to everyone who subscribed, commented, tweeted and created amazing new holiday wreaths!

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