Offbeat’s Picks: Cavallini & Co. Rubber Stamps

My mom and I used to make card-buying quite the epic field trip. We’d head out to the Hallmark store and peruse every aisle, laughing at the funny cards and holding back tears when reading the heartfelt sympathy cards. Before we knew it, we had forgotten that we only went in there for one birthday card, and instead came out with enough birthday, baby, sympathy, thank you and congratulations cards to last the entire year.

Even though cards are often looked at once or twice and then discarded, I think there’s still something to say for getting that perfect card in the mail that encourages you, makes you laugh or helps you know that someone is thinking about you. If you’ve been the recipient of a perfect card like that, you know what I mean.

The last couple years, I’ve been getting into making cards of my own. I’ve really enjoyed playing around with different materials, papers and stamps. My recent obsessions are my two stamp sets from Cavallini & Co. I love the vintage look these stamps create and they make it really easy to create simple and fun cards to send to your friends and family. There’s a huge assortment of stamp sets available. If you’re into making cards, scrapbooking or just love fun craft supplies, check out Cavallini’s stamp sets. I can’t wait to order more to add to my collection!

Do you ever make homemade cards? What kinds of materials and tools do you like to use?

4 responses

  1. Cute! I love making cards of my own too! For mine, I like to use ribbon and buttons. I don’t really have good stamps at home, so those are my alternative. I’ll be sure to check out Cavallini’s Stamp sets.

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