Favorite Fall Footwear

As the seasons and styles change, so do the shoes.  It’s hard to send my colorful wedge sandals and leather flip flops to the back of the closet for 8 whole months, but the sad farewell is brief because I just may (and please don’t tell my sandals this) love boots and loafers a little bit more.

My favorites list this year is very boot-heavy.  I can’t help it.  I feel like I need them in every shaft height, color and heel height.  Unfortunately, the price tags on genuine leather boots don’t allow me to fully indulge, but I’m lucky to have cultivated this little collection so I’m a happy camper!

Introductions from left to right:

– The Wonser Boot in Cognac from Aldo.  At $170, these are the cheapest and most comfortable real leather boots (in a hard-to-find amazing color) that I’ve come across.  I love the contrast of the light sole with the deep worn upper.  The shaft on these boots is slimmer than the average riding boot and there is no zipper, so pulling them on can be a task if you’re wearing thick socks or jeans, but the pull tabs on the sides help a lot!  These are by far my favorite boots right now, so I’d definitely recommend snagging them while they’re still available on AldoShoes.com!

– The Tooled Leather Loafers from Anthropologie.  These are steeply priced at $198, but the style is timeless, the leather quality and construction is top notch, and the floral embossing is absolutely beautiful and one-of-a-kind.  I had been eying the loafer trend from a distance and could never bring myself to commit, as most of the styles I was seeing were a bit too “rocker” for my taste.  Although the studded, candied, sparkly, hole-punched versions of this shoe definitely make a statement and have their rightful place in closets everywhere, I needed something that would outlive the trend.  These definitely will.  You can see them in action in a fashion/food post I recently did for FOLK Lifestyle!

– The Crochet Slouch Boot in Tan from Free People.  My friend Megan linked me to these boots a few months ago and I INSTANTLY fell in love.  I’m a big fan of leather boots with interesting shafts – knit, patterned, laser-cut, you name it!  I had never seen crochet before, so it was as if the heavens parted and the sun shined only on these boots.  They are very comfortable and roomy so they’re perfect to wear with fluffy socks or leg warmers.  Priced at $178, they are expensive but if unique & cozy boots are your thing, perhaps you’ll find these worth the investment.  I did!

– The Melissa Button Knee-High Boot from FRYE in Brown Antique Soft Full Grain Leather.  These are classic.  The only downside is the price.  At $328, they are the most expensive boots I own but they will last me forever.  Okay, I know everyone who spends too much money on something says that, but I REALLY mean it!  The quality of these boots is unmatched.  The leather is thick and sturdy, the construction is flawless, they are extremely comfortable, and this particular color goes with almost everything.  The shaft on these boots is a bit wider than the Wonsers from Aldo, but because the Melissa leather is thicker, a narrower shaft would make these impossible to pull on.  I do have to avoid thick socks with these because the foot area isn’t as roomy as my other boots, but they work great with jeans tucked in!

So there’s my roundup!  What are some of your fall footwear favorites? Please share in the comments below! 🙂

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  1. I’m the one who asked you around 1 month ago about your coat on an older post. Thanks for the reply! Wish I could afford one this fall..
    I got some new wedges on sale recently that I’m really happy with: http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1062964/mudd-wedges-juniors.jsp . I saw them on pinterest from polyvore, and I couldn’t believe they were a good price at Kohl’s so I hurried over and got them! The cognac color really works well with a lot of fall clothes, and I think they’re pretty comfy too. I haven’t started wearing them around- but soon! I LOVE boots too.

    • Oh those are adorable!! Love love love that color! That seriously is an amazing price too wow. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll have to run over to Kohl’s and see what they’ve got! I’m not used to shopping at Kohl’s because I never had one locally enough, but now I do so I should really take advantage of that!

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