Farm Wanderings at Heritage Prairie

Last week, I shared over at FOLK Magazine & Blog about my recent wanderings at Heritage Prairie Farm. I thought I’d share a few more pictures from my visit. They have so much great stuff I just couldn’t squeeze it all in one blog post!

Doesn’t the produce just look incredible? Yum!

Heritage Prairie sells honey, beer, wine, spreads, olive oils and other goodies in their market. The honey they offer from Bron’s Bee Company is delicious!

Even though winter is coming, Heritage Prairie will have plenty of fresh food throughout the winter by utilizing movable greenhouses.

Have you wandered around a farm lately? Grab a cup of coffee and your camera and take a walk around a local farm. You’ll learn a lot and maybe even find some culinary inspiration for dinner tonight!



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  1. I dream about living on a farm. I moved from Ohio to Dallas Texas and I’m dying to see what farms look like here. I’m sure Rey are very different from the ones up north. Thank you for the pictures!

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