Offbeat’s Picks: NoshThis Bacon Crack

NoshThis Bacon Crack

I recently found out about an amazing candy company called NoshThis.  Finding new (favorite) candy companies is not something I need right now, but sometimes they just sneak up on me!  I was innocently browsing cooking videos on YouTube (woops) when I came across this video about Kai Kronfield, NoshThis founder.  I’d like to think of myself as a reserved shopper, but I would be fooling no one.  The second Kai mentioned chocolate, almonds, toffee and bacon.. I was loading up the cart and placing an order.

NoshThis Bacon Crack

I’ve always been intrigued by small companies born out of pure creativity in the midst of seemingly unfortunate circumstances.  Watch the video for the full story and you’ll know what I mean!  It’s so inspiring that a successful business can come simply out of a new-found love for candy making and a moderately equipped home kitchen.  It also helps that the candy is absolutely fantastic.


Are you a lover of the bacon/chocolate combo?  At first, I wasn’t.  The idea of putting chocolate on something that’s supposed to be savory kind of creeped me out.  However, I was always a big fan of chocolate covered pretzels so when I was first exposed to bacon strips dipped in Belgian chocolate a few years ago, I gave it a shot.  I fell in love!

NoshThis Bacon Crack

If you haven’t tried out this unlikely pair, I would suggest ordering some Bacon Crack from NoshThis (right now..) and hopping on the bacon/chocolate bandwagon.  The almonds and delicious toffee just enhance the entire mouthwatering experience!


Even if you’ve already resolved not to give bacon candy a chance, nothing says “I care” to an adventurous eater like a gift box of Bacon Crack.  Now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d say.

What’s the strangest food/treat you’ve dared to try that you ended up loving?  What about one you dared to try and ended up hating?

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  1. Uni is something that always put me off. The color, the wet look of it, the strange similarity the texture has to our tastebuds… but I finally tried it and I love it. I’m very picky about where I eat it, but when it is good, it is very very good.

    Last year, I tried durian and I just could not get over its pungent smell. Granted, I didn’t have it fresh, so I’d be willing to try it again, but for now… I’ll pass.

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